Second Inventory Cycle Trojan EV


2-year manufacturer’s warranty, 1 year Interstate battery warranty

Street Legal Ready*

Four Person Seating

Rear Flip Seat With Cooler


Battery level

Headlights and Tail lights

Break Lights

Street Legal Turn Signals


3 Point Harness Seat Belts

Side Mirrors

License Plate Bracket with Lights

Backup Camera

Safety Grab Bar

25 mph

6.7 Horsepower Engine

5KW AC Motor

400 Curtis Controller

Aluminum Chassis

USB Charging Port

DOT Glass Windshield – Windshield Wiper

Extended Long top Roof for Shade and Comfort

Large Tires That Handle Any Terrain

High Ground Clearance to Take On Any Terrain

LCD Display Dash

12 Digit Vin Number | 12 Digit Serial Number

Sound System Bluetooth

On Board Smart Charger

Center Extra Wide rear View Mirrors