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2018 Club Car Tempooi

About 2018 Club Car Tempo For Sale

2018 Club Car Tempo For Sale has been one of the most respected names in the golf industry for over half a century. The Club Car® product portfolio has grown to include much more than just golf cars, now including golf and utility vehicles, multi-passenger shuttles, all-terrain and off-road utility vehicles, and low-speed commercial and consumer street vehicles. markets.

2018 Club Car Tempo 4 Seater Custom Golf Cart

This golf cart was delivered to Ozona, Florida and is being shipped to Montauk, New York.

– 2018 Battery 🔋

– New smart charger Eric 🔌

– New 6” double A-arm lift kit

– 2 new USB chargers

– New 23″ tires

– New 12” rims

– New LED headlight

– New LED taillights

– New set of turn signals

– New corner

– New rear seat folding kit

– New rear cup holders

– New black standard roof

  • 1 year warranty!
  • Free delivery within 40 km!
  • We can add any accessories you prefer for an additional fee!
  • You dream it, we build it!

2018 Club Car Tempo Electric Golf Cart

Club Car’s Tempo Connect was named the Best Electric Golf Car of 2018 by Golf Digest

Augusta, Ga. (April 30, 2018) – 2018 Club Car Tempo For Sale, the world leader in golf and utility carts and an Ingersoll Rand® brand, has been awarded the 2018 Editor’s Choice Award for Best Electric Golf Cart by Golf Digest for the Tempo Connect. Club Car’s Tempo Connect is a stylish new golf car with connected technology for a better ride and experience and the first golf car to feature Club Car’s Visage Fleet Management, a leading connectivity platform for golf operators that simplifies operations, manages costs and maximizes the course. effectiveness; and Shark Experience, a premium in-car entertainment system, exclusive to Club Car. The Shark Experience engages golfers in a modern, fun and social way to enjoy live sports, music, golf tips from Greg Norman, dynamic yardage information and more for an all-in-one entertainment experience.

Club Car’s Tempo Connect won Golf Digest’s 2018 Best Electric Golf Car award

“It’s rewarding to be honored by Golf Digest as we celebrate a milestone, our 60th year in the golf industry,” said Robert McElreath, Club Car’s vice president of connectivity. “We remain committed to providing golfers with the best golf experience, and Tempo Connect provides the course with unprecedented connectivity, content and customization, all in an effort to move the game of golf forward.”

Tempo Connect is the first golf car to include both Visage Fleet Management, a leading connectivity platform for golf operators that simplifies operations, controls costs and maximizes course efficiency; and Shark Experience, a premium in-car entertainment system exclusive to Club Car, which, in partnership with GN Media and Verizon, enables Club Car to deliver a premium in-car entertainment system to the new Tempo Connect golf cart. The 2018 Editor’s Choice designation marks the third year in a row that a Club Car has won Golf Digest’s annual award. Find out more about Tempo Connect and Visage connected technologies or find your nearest Club Car dealer.


– White body

– 15 mph top speed

– USB port

– Battery status indicator

– Steering wheel with comfortable handle

– Camello/Beige comfort seats front and rear

– Ice of light

– Safety handle

– Extended black top

– Wind shield

– 10″ wheels

-Turf tires

-The first Tempo for sale at Victor Golf Cars! Be the first to get it!


  • 4 years on battery
  • Electric drive unit for 3 years
  • 2 years remaining components

Check out our NEW and USED golf car inventory at victorgolfcarts.com. We have BRAND NEW electric and gas golf carts! You can customize our cars however you want or take one right off the lot as you see it! We have body kits, rear seats, lights, jacks, wheels and tires, bodies and much more. If you can imagine it, we can build it! Club Car Onward personal transport vehicles are now here. Customize your own at victorgolfcarts.com and have it shipped direct from the factory to us the way you want it! We also have some in stock if you’d like to see what styles we’ve already built and designed! Victor Golf Cars, Southeast Virginia’s ONLY AUTHORIZED Club Car Dealer, has everything you could ever need for your golf car. Spare parts, sales and service – we will do it all! Not exactly what you’re looking for? Victor will build you the custom car you’ve been looking for! We will match or beat any written quote, no exceptions!

Club Car Onward is not a golf cart

Yes, the Club Car Onward looks like a golf cart and will take you to the 18th round with no problem. But the Onward is technically a personal transportation vehicle. The PTV has all the comforts and conveniences of a car crammed into a vehicle the size of a golf cart. Simply put, it’s a better golf cart. And Onward is one of the best PTVs available.

What makes Onward such a great PTV? Let’s dive into the details and find out.

Commitment to safety

2018 Club Car Tempo For Sale : When we talk about a vehicle that will transport you, your friends and your family, safety comes first. Club Car understands this and it is reflected in their design for Onward. Onward includes front LED headlights with a focused field of view. And the windshield is windproof and tinted to protect your eyes from glare. You will have no problem seeing what is in front of you, even in the worst conditions. Other drivers will also see you. Onward comes with reflectors on both sides and bright turn signals. And it’s not just visibility. It’s also about the little things. It is equipped with grab bars on each of the seats, so your passengers will never lose balance.

Excellent handling

Not only is Onward practical, it’s also fun. It comes with a stabilizer bar under the axle that provides extra cornering stability. And thanks to Ray Evernham‘s professional design, it handles like a racing car.

Extra features

We hope we’ve already convinced you that the Onward is a well-built machine. But the designers at Club Car didn’t stop there. They’ve added a plethora of features that really take Onward to the next level. There are little things like the overhead console that is perfect for easy storage. Or an optional deep storage space that you can install under the seat. And there are real luxuries, like the optional blue-tooth speaker you can install above the driver’s seat that turns the Onward from utility vehicle to party truck.

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